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Inductive measuring lines Microsyn series, small (from 50 to 1000 mm)

Newall, founded in Peterborough in 1968 and now a wholly owned subsidiary of BEI Technologies Inc. a Schneider Electric Company, has dedicated itself to providing the automation, machine tool and other machinery and production industries with leading edge technologies that increase productivity and machine tool efficiency. In 1973, continuous design and development of Newall's technologies gave rise to the reliable and highly accurate Spherosyn™ and Microsyn™ Linear Encoders. The range now also includes incremental and absolute versions, available with industry standard output signals which can be interfaced with all major CNC, NC, PLC and OC products. The latest SHG and MHG Linear Encoders incorporate a truly unique design in that none of the electrical or measuring components are exposed to harsh workshop environments and they will continue to provide accurate and reliable readings even when fully submerged in water, oil or coolant. For this reason all of the Newall linear encoder range carry an IP67 (NEMA 6) environmental rating. Newall's products range also includes a wide range of Digital Readout systems; each specifically designed and dedicated to increasing machine productivity. The Digital Readout range has developed to become the most advanced readouts available today and combined with the Spherosyn™ and Microsyn™ technology encoders, is one of the reasons why the Newall range are market leaders.. Over 85% of its products are exported, with distribution and service outlets in over 63 countries. Newall actively supports these markets with a worldwide network of fully trained sales and service personnel. In addition offices are located in Europe and the United States. Newall conforms to ISO 9001 and, in 1998, it was awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Export Achievement.  

Linear Encoder Overview  

The recent advancements of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) alongside high-speed analogue to digital conversion ICs has allowed the Spherosyn® technology to provide feedback for a wide range of signal protocols.This allows all Newall encoders to carry an IP67 (NEMA 6) environmental rating and will continue to provide accurate and reliable readings even when fully submersed in water, oil or coolant. No other linear encoder can equal the durability and reliability of the Newall encoders. Newall encoders can interface with all major CNC, NC, PLC and PC products. 

• IP67 rating (NEMA Type 6) 

• Withstands dust, dirt, oil and other harsh environmental conditions 

• No mechanical wear characteristics 

• Requires no cleaning or maintenance 

• High tolerance to shock and vibration

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