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Digital readout NEWALL DP 1200

The DP1200 can store up to 200 SDM (Sub-Datum) positions, or machining steps, into the memory. Using SDM allows the operator to work to zero by calling up stored dimensions, instead of "working up" to drawing dimensions. This eliminates the need to constantly refer to the drawing and reduces the possibility of scrapping parts due to misread dimensions. It also speeds up positioning as the operator is working to zero. The SDM’s are stored as co-ordinates relative to the absolute datum position. If the absolute datum position changes, the SDMs will "shift" to the new datum. Once a repetitive sequence of co-ordinates is entered into SDM, the co-ordinates can be recalled at any time.The positions remain in memory until altered by the operator. Simply assign any SDM number 1 - 200 to each machining step. When machining, call up each step (SDM) number and work to zero. Sub Datums can be used for any or all axes. There are two ways to store Sub Datums; Teach Mode and Program Mode.

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