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Синхронные электродвигатели Серия LTS-TB - SINCROVERT

Synchronous high-torque electric motors LTS-TB series (680...14000 Нм), Oemer

This LTS-TB series torque motor has been specifically designed and built to be used as main motor (screw rotation) for plastic extruders. The motor has on the front side an oversized high quality thrust bearing, lubricated by oil and housed into a cast iron made hub provided with radial cooling fins. The extrusion screw fits directly into the shaft of the motor with the coupling produced to the customer's drawing and specifications. The extrusion cylinder fits directly on the thrust bearing hub which is available with various flanges or adaptors to guarantee the full compatibility with existing cylinders. The motor shaft has a hole going through it so the screw can be easily removed. The liquid cooling of the external structure of the motor guarantees optimal dissipation of the heat generated by the losses and constant performance, regardless of the temperature and quality of the air in the environment. The current production range easily satisfies the majority of requirements for high-performance single screw extruder drives, modern, reliable and innovative.

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